Ajax Site Guard

Equipped with Ajax intrusion protection devices, the SiteGuard tower is a solution to secure the perimeter of a site without mains power thanks to an in-build battery and a solar panel. Easy to deploy and transport, the tower can offer comprehensive protection of a construction site, farm, vacant property, storage unit, or event space.
Featuring MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD) Jeweller on each side, SiteGuard tower provides 360-degree coverage at a distance of up to 30 m and photo verification of the alarms in 9 seconds. Also, a user can request a real-time image for situational awareness via Ajax apps. Upon intrusion detection, StreetSiren Jeweller activates the sound of 113 dB and LED flashing lights for up to 3 minutes, alerting intruders that their presence is known.
Hub 2 Plus Jeweller control panel ensures a user instantly receives informative push notifications about alerts via Ajax apps. The hub also allows remote management, battery health monitoring, and automation scenarios execution to arm/disarm the system according to the site’s operation hours. With the help of 12-24V PSU for Hub 2/ReX 2 power supply unit, the control panel is connected to an external battery, which is charged by a solar panel. For indoors usage or proper storage, SiteGuard tower is equipped with a socket.

The hub and PSU are safely hidden in a weather-resistant IP-rated box and protected with DoorProtect Plus Jeweller. Thanks to tilt and shock sensors, the device detects and alerts a user about an attempt to open the box, unauthorized movement, and interference with SiteGuard tower. In addition, thanks to its anti-masking technology, MotionCam Outdoor (PhOD) Jeweller alerts about accidental or malicious actions aimed at blocking its sensors even if the system is disarmed.

The Power of Ajax Site Guard

AJAX SiteGuard is a state-of-the-art security system designed to provide comprehensive protection against various threats. Known for its wireless capabilities and advanced technology, AJAX has become a go-to choice for those seeking a robust and reliable security solution.

1. Wireless Technology
One of the standout features of AJAX SiteGuard is its wireless technology. Unlike traditional wired systems, this allows for a quicker and more flexible installation process. Harborough CCTV ensures a seamless integration of AJAX SiteGuard, minimizing disruption while maximizing security.
2. Smart Sensors
The AJAX SiteGuard system is equipped with intelligent sensors that go beyond basic motion detection. These sensors are designed to differentiate between humans, pets, and other potential sources of false alarms. This level of accuracy reduces the likelihood of unnecessary notifications, ensuring that responses are focused on genuine threats.
3. Real-Time Monitoring
Harborough CCTV’s integration of AJAX SiteGuard enables real-time monitoring of your premises. Users can access live feeds and receive instant notifications on their mobile devices, providing peace of mind and quick response capabilities, whether you are on-site or miles away.


Ajax monitoring from our control room.
Ajax monitoring pricing

£20 + vat per tower per month (Only pay for 2 for a site of 6 towers)

Out of Hours Tech:
£5 + vat per month
Receive remote assistance with our professional Ajax trained staff

Enhancing Security with Harborough CCTV and AJAX SiteGuard Installation
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